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Drying, Restoration and
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Drying, Restoration and
Insurance repair specialists in
London and the South East

Energy Saving

In an industry that is fast going "Green" and constantly reminding us all that "Energy Saving" is the way forward we are delighted to offer the following services to our existing clients and new customers.

A good place to start when looking at energy efficiency within the domestic home is with the boiler. We are currently helping to save customers considerable amounts of money by assessing their heating systems and getting them working as efficiently as possible.

By using Thermal Imaging to identify blockages within existing central heating systems then using Power Flushing equipment and environmentally friendly chemicals to clean the system through, the new efficiency of the system can reduce energy bills up to 50%.

Over time, scale and sludge will build up within the boiler, radiators and pipes causing the heating cycle to slow down and consequently make the boiler work harder, burning more fuel. By having the system cleaned through and maintained correctly, the efficiency will increase, the boiler will have a longer life span and energy bills can be reduced.

Sometimes it is more cost effective to make the decision to upgrade a boiler and possibly pipework and radiators dependant on the age of the system and maintenance history, so we can assess whether this is actually advisable or if an overhaul is sufficient. However, we are seeing more instances where a thorough clean and service makes all the difference and for a fraction of the costs of a new system.
Step 1
Contact us - We will give you a free consultation by asking some basic questions about your existing heating system.
Step 2
We will carry out a Thermal Imaging survey to ascertain if there are any blockages within the pipe work, radiators and boiler.
Step 3
With the results of the Thermal Imaging survey we will discuss the remedial options and provide you with a quote. Our prices are honest and realistic.
Boiler Installations
If it is time for a new boiler, we also offer a "Boiler Exchange" service where we will assess the requirements and offer a Supply and Fit price for a new boiler that includes the removal of the existing boiler and any pipework and radiators that require upgrading, a new boiler (installed and commissioned) and any new pipework and radiators required. There is a wide range of heating systems available at realistic prices to suit all needs and we can advise on the best option for efficiency and energy saving.

Heating System and Boiler Servicing
To keep a heating system working at its best, it must be serviced and maintained from the beginning. It is false ecomomy to assume that a problem can be fixed as and when it arises. A lot of problems with boilers and heating systems will occur from lack of maintenance and can cost 100's of pounds to have an engineer attend, diagnose and hopefully fix. We offer a free assessment service and will provide a low cost service plan, keeping the boiler efficient, the system running smoothly and energy bills down.

Emergency Repairs
We have a Call Out Service for emergencies and general issues. We can also attend out of hours when required. Our rates are sensible and realistic and we do not believe in charging excessive amounts. We want to keep costs down and give an honest and reliable service, gaining confidence from new clients and customers in the future.
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